Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard for beginners?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a unique way to get on the water without having too have much experience. Once out on the lake, it's quite easy to step up on your board and find your balance. For people with balance problems, many people claim to enjoy the same experience while kneeling or even sitting on a small cooler.

Is Paddle Boarding for all ages?

Because of the size of the paddle, solo Paddle Boarding is recommended for people 14+. However, many families enjoy renting a board and letting their toddlers and kids sit on it while they paddle. 

How much weight do your boards support?

What should I wear for paddleboarding?

Where is the best place to stand on a paddleboard?

The sierra SUP supports up to 275 lbs combined weight.


Wear clothing that lets you move and that can get wet: shorts and a T-shirt or a swimsuit work well in warm climates. In cold weather when hypothermia is a danger, consider a wetsuit or drysuit. Always wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device).

Stand just behind the center point of the board. The nose (front) of the board shouldn't pop out of the water, and the tail shouldn't dig in